Yoctobe FXPROBOT is probably the most powerful Autotrading system on the market, it helps to take strategic positions make very large profits.

After moths of hard work, I would like to show to you the fruit of a difficult and very promising project, Yoctobe forex autotrading algorithm. In a highly volatile market, taking the decision to buy or sell largely involves the trader psychology that could be fatal if a bad decision is made. FXPROBOT analyzes the market, with its different composentes namely, volumes, volatility, movements, and takes precisely calculated positions.

FxMafia Autotrader made 100% win position in different pairs tested over the 5 last years: we cite : EUR/USD CHF/USD NZD/USD CHF/JPY GPB/JPY GOLD OIL SILVER GBP/NZD

FXPROBOT Autotrader : Trading GOLD XAU/USD with 100% profit

Trading EUR/USD over the 5 last years (01.01.2010 – 07.10.2015) with 100$ deposit

The video (bad quality :() sorry taken by me with my camera shows live trading with FXPROBOT since 01.01.2010

Of course, I’ll post another ones, many, and you’ll not believe that FXPROBOT wins 100% on Gold and turned 350$ to 3.5 MILLION DOLLAR IN 2.5 YEARS!

You’ll see also, that with the combination of almost 15 pairs you’ll have 2-3 wining trades daily


Actually I am adapting FXPROBOT algorithm to work efficiently with commodities, I just need time 🙂

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