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Yoctobe WP Autopublisher is probably the most advanced content generator and publisher available on the Market. It has many features that allow to you to generate and publish any content such as products, reviews, posts, pages, videos, reviews, comments, photos, videos, events, and more. And all this 100% automatically.

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Yoctobe ® WP AUTOPUBLISHER ® is a WordPress content automation plugin.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source platform built by hundreds of community volunteers, with thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress.

Unlimited possibilities with WordPress

With wordpress you can build ANY website such as blogs, forums, shopping websites, classified ads, comparison websites for hotels prices, car brands, movie reviews, events, tv programs, and more.

What Content

Every website category needs a custom content type and display. For example, if you need to download and publish reviews from external pages, you’ll need to display a certain number of information: title, description, photos, date and time, links, maps to make the content more readable and useful as possible to your visitors.

This is easy and possible thanks to WordPress taxonomy system which is highly flexible and powerful.

WordPress allows you to create any content type and add any data on your custom content. When the volume of the content published manually every day is important, it is impossible to stay there all time and you need an automation mechanism.


The main purpose of Yoctobe WP auto publisher is to automate content generation and publishing. You can automate an unlimited amount of content in any language on a same website.

How it works?

Yoctobe WP AUTOPUBLISHER downloads raw html content (text, images, videos, etc.) from unlimited number of websites thanks to its advanced HTML DOM parser core. The html is stored into the database, each downloaded data will be converted into a specific content type that you’ve already created and specified on the configuration dashboard. It will be built under a specific category, tags, and with custom metas.

Also, you can apply filters to purify downloaded data, modify or remove expressions, links, or any data. Globally you can control everything.

Content Rewritning Feature

Yoctobe WP AUTOPUBLISHER is powered with a rewriting engine. This unique feature will allow you to improve your search engine ranking with high quality, unique and fresh content in any language.

This feature is only available in the PRO Version.

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10 reviews for Yoctobe WP Autopublisher

  1. Hug Miler

    The best wp Autoposter ever

    • Yoctobe

      Thanks 😉

  2. Graham

    AWESOME, Very nice plugin, my website generates every day a cool new posts without me !!

  3. Chapmann


  4. Marie

    Exceptional !!!!!!!


  5. maurice

    This plugin gonna save me !!! every day free awesome content COOL

  6. patrice

    Very good, unique and elegant !!!!! thank you

  7. lovely child

    What speed ?! What performance !!! LLOVED IT !!

  8. Nadia

    AWESOME !!!

  9. Yoctobe

    🙂 thank you guys

  10. Paul Owen

    Outstanding Experience !!!

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