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FXPROBOT GOLDEN INDICATOR is a *Unique* BUY SELL indicator based on FXPROBOT EA trading algorithm. Tested on all FX pairs, this indicator will reliably help you make large profit in Forex Trading Market. It is simple : you’ll see only a BUY or SELL Arrows on the chart, so you will not have to waste your time on analyzing charts with complex indicators and methods to take decision. This indicator will make your life easier.


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  • Yoctobe FXPROBOT GOLDEN BUY SELL Indicator is a Forex indicator. It is based on the same trading algorithm as Yoctobe FXPROBOT. This indicator works on MT4 (Any Broker Prices) with any FX pair. 

This indicator displays BUY (Green) or SELL (Red) simple arrows on the chart that represent the best opportunities to take profitable  positions of 20 pips minimum. The indicator also sends trading opportunity Alerts when a new profitable trade is identified.

We have tested FXPROBOT GOLDEN Indicator on several pairs and it gives every time perfect results in short or long.

Signals Frequency

As many customers ask support about how many trades FXPROBOT opens a day, and why FXPROBOT GOLDEN indicator or FXPROBOT EA are not like the other scalping EAs. Our answer is : the Forex Market is NOT really hugely profitable as many people think. It may be highly profitable short term, but at the middle and the long term all scalping strategies fall.

It is why experienced and successful traders have two common principles :

  1. They diversify their trades.
  2. They trade opportunities not charts.

Why using automated strategies

Because Forex Market is highly volatile and unpredictable, Chartism is not sufficient to take decision. A lot of automated trading robots are operating live in a good number of very important markets at Wall Street.

Using an automated strategy is beneficial because it is psychological effects frede and 100% objective.

How to install

The installation is very easy, just copy past the file in the indicators folder. Then drag and drop the indicator on the chart you want to get signal from.


We post our real time trading results on our official facebook page ( Yoctobe Official Facebook Page ) .


4 reviews for Yoctobe FXPROBOT GOLDEN BUY SELL Indicator

  1. Maurice Niehlson

    Thank you it was like described

  2. Ben

    Yoctobe FXPROBOT GOLDEN INDICATOR is an awesome tool that allows any one with no trading experience to make profits every day, it takes 2 seconds to analyse and give you a profitable signal of 30 pips minimum.

  3. Hug Miler

    Outstanding experience

  4. Emmy

    Tested it, and completely and definitively satisfied !

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