WordPress Auto-blogger Robot®

Wordpress Autoblogger Robot ® is a Wordpress Auto-blogger plugin that enables you to automate blogging in any language on your Wordpress blog or website.

Wordpress Autoblogger Robot ® has a flexible configuration, user-friendly interface, you can automate article generation and publishing, inject Ads and promote your own products inside fresh and high quality content generated every day.

Wordpress Autoblogger Robot ® is a complete blog automation solution. You can automate any content type generation and publishing (articles, products, books, downloads etc), get more visibility for your website, reach a bigger audience and grow your business online.


Everyone likes websites with daily buzz content, especially articles, products, events, photos, and videos. If you are tired from searching, filtering and rewriting manually articles every day, WordPress Auto-blogger Robot® by YOCTOBE GmbH is the ultimate content automation solution for you.

While WordPress Auto-blogger Robot® searches and publishes content automatically on your WordPress website, your can configure (once) your Adsense, Amazon or even your affiliation ads or links to appear inside each freshly published post. Also you can synchronize your automated blog with your social media profiles (Facebook profiles, page, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr etc).

Features available on WordPress Auto-blogger Robot®

  • Auto-blogging (Auto-article building, Auto-posting)
  • All languages, All niches
  • Instant downloads
  • Post status (Draft, published, scheduled)
  • Publishing time (per category)
  • Limitation of the Number of articles published everyday
  • Downloading photos, videos, documents
  • All post types available (posts, news, books, events, products, reviews, pages, videos etc)
  • Pre-configured templates available
  • Auto-posting on social media profiles, pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr)



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