Simple Semantic Search Engine PHP Script


How it works

This script allows you to generate synonym queries from the main search query using a Wordnet API. For each generated query the script analyses the relevance and ranks every result. Finally search results are sorted by relevance order, they will seem covering all possible interesting products even if the customer didn’t send the right keyword.


Semantic Search engine is a search algorithm that aims to improve search accuracy by looking around the main search query words whether on the Web or within a closed system in order to generate more relevant results.

We’ve published the first basic version of a php english semantic search script on github, you can download it for free from here :

This is a screenshot of how the main page looks like:


When you enter a search query, for example here buy a cellphone, the script removes stop words (only English stop words here), and generates synonym queries an proceed to multiple searches (screen top).


The search results are sorted by relevance. The most relevant result is displayed in the first position and so on.

Where to download the script

The script is free, open source, you can find it on our github:

Download here 


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