Replace FULL motherboard to remove iCloud


You can remove the iCloud account on your iphone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c / 6 /6 + / 6s or iPad by replacing the motherboard  completely. You can find the  motherboard  sold as a separate part on amazon or ebay, this is rare but if you manage to find it, do not miss the opportunity, and make sure when you sell it that it is under warranty. However, be careful: you’ll need the FULL motherboard. Do not just buy only the logical part of it. If you purchase only the logical board, your iPhone will still blocked on iCloud because the Lock code is on your chips.

Find a  FULL   motherboard  online

It’s really hard to find, always pay attention, read the description, you sometimes find  motherboard  at a price that exceeds $ 100, but in the description you can find: – “Not the  full  board, just the logic part” – “ICloud is blocked, and I DO NOT KNOW THE PASSWORD”.

Second solution: it is my preferred solution because it works.

Look for a broken iPhone (screen) but check two things:

– It is unlocked (iCloud + operator) – The  motherboard  is healthy If you find good one as my friend did at less than 100$, you’are lucky! do not miss it. I hope that this post was helpful, please share it, and follow, I’ll post some icloud hardware unlock solutions soon.



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