Notice of DMCA removal from Google Search

Today, I received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice from google saying that my website probably made the subject of a copyright violation. In reality, there was not any copyright infringement because the server does not contain the files or content shown. It’s a proxy, and like all proxy allows users to unlock locked or restricted websites, if for example your IP address has been banned by youtube, the only solution you have is to change your iP using a proxy.

A music track on youtube protected by the copyright was unblocked on proxy-wars site by a user, who wished anonymously listen to music, and left a trace for the google bot that has indexed it as a site’s content.

What I did

I then changed the robots.txt file for the Google robot does not index the content of other sites displayed on proxy-wars. I wrote some allow and disallow lines and saved the file.

If in your case your website holds material that belongs to other sites, delete it, and make an update in the indexing panel on your webmasters account, because DMCA problems may be the cause of the suspension of your website.




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