Yoctobe FXPROBOT is a an EA (expert advisor) that works on MT4 ( metatrader 4 plateform). This robot will help you increase your profits in the forex market.

FXPROBOT performance

FXPROBOT has made 100% profitable trades in the last 5 years  with no single loss, and 20 to 80 pips TP for each trade. You can watch live trading by FXPROBOT here:

Video 1 : EURUSD live trading :

Video 2 : NZDUSD live trading :

The robot made more than 12000 % profit in 5 years. It turns $300 to more than $36000 on the silver edition.

Trades frequency with FXPROBOT SILVER EDITION

FXPROBOT may not open lot of trades comparing with the other EAs for safety reasons.

If you are working on a single pair like eurusd you may have 0-5 trades month.

However, if you diversify your trading, you may get 2-6 trades weekly.

The silver version supports 11 currency pairs. The starter edition supports 3 plus 2 as bonus.

Where to download FXPROBOT :



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