Medical Instrument Interfacing and Automation

We have a large experience in medical instruments interfacing. Our solution PROLAB (Silver and Platinium Edition) is able to communicate bidirectionally with a medical instrument using the HL7 document convention, ASTM protocol, and laboratory diagnostic workflow process in a Laboratory Information System (LIS/LIMS) enviornment. We have knowledge of the diagnostic laboratory environment utilizing the ASTM protocol to communicate with lab instruments, and HL7 in the interchange of diagnostic results and test ordering within a laboratory/clinic network.

Bidirectional Instrument Interfacing

Interface-able laboratory instruments come in all shapes and variants, old and new. Many export results as CSV only that are easily imported by PROLAB.

Next level, they can also import Sample ID lists corresponding to positions on the sample trays loaded into them.

If the instrument automatically scan barcodes from sample vials, a PROLAB import interface is redundant.

Many instruments do not do CSV and have more complex live interfaces on serial RS-232 communications, bi-directionally, and PROLAB resolves this too.

LIS/LIMS building Technologies

Our LIS/LIMS client application is coded in Microsoft Visual Studio utilizing C# .NET, VB .NET and Visual Studio C++.  Database is implemented using Microsoft SQL Server.  Web Site for ordering tests, patient management, and report delivery is coded in ASP.NET utilizing C# and VB languages.  Extensive use of Adobe AcroLib Imaging Library for PDF generation, printing, and manipulation for maintaining a portable graphic format for Web report delivery, as well as internal document imaging as related to workflow.  LIS interface with laboratory instruments is accomplished by C# applications that utilize bidirectional ASTM protocol.

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